Hey, hey!  Alison here.  

Thanks for considering me for your Speaking Gig!


Here are my areas of Passion (if they fit what you are looking for, let’s chat!)

Women’s groups, including Faith-based organizations, Women in the workplace, and any group in need of a Worthiness chat. “You are worthy, intrinsically, because your worth is given by God. Nobody can take it away from you. You have a story only YOU can share!”


Marketing!   Let’s talk the new wave of marketing, including Digital Marketing and content!  Reaching your audience in the world of so much noice is an art.

Culture.  Having a no-drama workplace, expecially in teams of women (yep- that’s where my heart is).  Core value development and working towards a Mission are topics I love to unpack with teams.

Facebook Ads!  Along with my team of amazing marketers, operations managers, and designers, I love to talk about this platform and how it can transform a Marketing Plan in the digital age.  

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Entrepreneurship.  Let’s talk building something amazing from the ground up, failing fast, and recognizing there is room for YOU in the marketplace, with your unique gifts and traits.  

Specializing in small business (and with a belief that innovation and small business are the backbone of our economy), my specialty is brainstorming with business owners on how their mission can impact the greater world around them for good.