Meet our featured small business — Family Marine from Willmar, Minnesota. We worked with Tom and Corey to create a lead generating campaign that directs interested parties to take a quiz and discover which style of pontoon is best for lifestyle, whether their interest was geared more towards fishing, recreation or both.

Fast Facts

 How Tom and Corey gained contact info: This ad campaign’s call to action prompted leads to take a quiz called “Which pontoon is right for your lifestyle?”

Leads Gained: 34
Spent: $338.88
Cost Per Lead: $9.97

We created this quiz campaign for Family Marine to be Evergreen content. This means after the initial push, Tom and Corey will still able to run this ad for a low dollar amount per day and continuously gain new leads interested in what they sell – pontoons.

See the example of the landing page this quiz links to below.


The audience that this ad attracted and got the most results from were men ages 45-65. This group of quiz takers rang true to Family Marines’ true target market and who they do the most business with.


So What is the Next Step?

There are a few implications to gathering that men ages 45-65 have been most interested in this campaign. Here is how we think about the next steps, videos, and follow ups with the overall campaign strategy.

1. We can continually build content specifically for men in this age group. One of the retargeting campaigns we shot with Tom was “Be a Hero, Not a Zero” when it comes to having the proper, efficient and powerful propeller on your boat. Other ideas include focusing on fishing, speed or maintenance.

2. Another strategy is totally flip our targeting on its head. Most pontoon purchases are made with a joint decision from a couple. We suggest to try a campaign targeted to Moms about what they care about when it comes to the pontoon lifestyle. It could be about organization, safety, how to entertain a family for a full day on the lake, etc. And the beauty of Facebook targeting is we can directly send any videos we create on topics geared more towards women and moms to women and moms ONLY!

3. As mentioned above, most BIG purchase decisions are made between the heads of the households, most commonly a married couple. How can we open up the conversation between significant others to see if making the investment in a pontoon for their family is the right decision at this time in their life? This is another topic Family Marine can create resources on and capitalize upon.


Many businesses can use an engaging and fun piece of content (like a quiz) to kick off their lead generation efforts and be that first touch with a potential buyer. How can you apply these concepts to your business? Email me at to set up an initial meeting and see if this strategy is right for you and your business goals.