Meet our featured small business — Floor to Ceiling from Willmar, Minnesota. We worked with the Floor to Ceiling to create a lead generating campaign that directs interested parties to sign up with a special $100 gift card offer. 

We jumped on the timely topic of tax return season to create a fun, engaging video that locally went viral in shares, comments and reactions. Watch the video and see the campaign results below.

-Fast Facts-

How Floor to Ceiling gained contact info: This ad campaign’s call to action prompted leads with a question: Do home improvement projects top your ideal “tax return” list? 
And offers them the link to the $100 gift card.

Leads Gained: 9
Spent: $78.09
Cost Per Lead: $8.67

Reach: 4,201

Landing Page Views: 215

Video Views: 7,892

See the example of the landing page this video campaign links to below.


Floor to Ceiling now has the name, email, phone number and address of 9 VERY interested leads who took the step to optin for the $100 gift card. They can assume these leads are “warm” and have a home project in mind if they took the action and shared their personal info.


So What is the Next Step?

Stated simply the next step is FOLLOW UP.

1. Now the Floor to Ceiling team can get creative on how to reach out to this list of leads. One idea is to categorize each of the 9 leads into the home renovation projects they are most looking into starting. Are they interested in flooring, a bedroom remodel, a small bathroom, etc? The team can follow up individually via text, phone call or email and start the conversation.


2. Each gift card has an expiration date. This is helpful for Floor to Ceiling to track who came in and during what timeframe. Plus it gives them the perfect opportunity to follow up with each lead and remind them to use their offer before it expires.


3. What content can Floor to Ceiling continue to create and touch back via retargeting videos on Facebook? It could be a simple video talking about how they are different from any other home renovation store. The 5 Myths video they created is ideal for this. Watch below and check out the ad copy we used:

Here are 5 Myths (we added an extra one) most Home Remodeling businesses will NOT tell you. We follow an “honesty is the best policy” motto- even if it costs us business:

1. Warranties are not as clear cut as it may seem- they can appear to benefit the customer, but not always. They have very specific guidelines that a lot of companies don’t disclose. For instance, you need to have your carpets professionally steam-cleaned every 18 months (and have paperwork to prove it) to keep the warranty valid.

2. A lot of companies promise a shorter timeframe for a project, knowing the client can’t really back out when it goes over.

3. NO floor is scratch-proof and carpet seams are NOT invisible. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

4. Floating floors are not always the best option. You may think the company has your $$ in mind in pointing you to them, but in certain cases, hardwood is the very best way to go (which will SAVE you lots of money in fixes, headaches, etc.)

5. Changing things in the middle of a project will add costs and time to the project. We are open and honest about that upfront- and in the midst of the project we will be clear about what your change will cost as well.

6. (We just had to add one more) If it is a large project that includes moving walls, changing electrical, etc. it is a good idea to hire a contractor. But we won’t leave you hanging here- we have great ones we recommend and we would be happy to fulfill any parts of the job that we can, with confidence.

4. Floor to Ceiling NEEDS to take the proper steps of follow up and tracking to be able to look at the overall success of the campaign beyond the initial launch – which for any campaign is really just the start.



Many businesses can use an engaging and fun piece of content to gather audiences of Facebook watchers and landing page hits. This Tax Return video is a memorable first touch with a potential buyer. How can you apply these concepts to your business? Email me at to set up an initial meeting and see if this strategy is right for you and your business goals.