Meet our featured small business — LeAnn’s Bridal in McKinney, Texas. Vicki specializes in all things bridal and wedding gowns for women in this area! She launched a campaign for brides-to-be to find the perfect styles for their unique body shape.  Check out her results below.

First watch the Facebook video Vicki shot that linked to the landing page where potential leads could sign up with their name and email in exchange for the PDF Body Shape guide.

Fast Facts

How Vicki gained contact info: This ad campaign’s call to action prompted leads to optin (enter name and email) to get emailed a PDF Body shape guide.

Leads Gained: 961
Spent: $1264.56
Cost Per Lead: $1.32

Vicki started to become known in the area as the “lady from LeAnn’s” or the woman with the body shape guide for brides. This is an evergreen campaign (meaning it can run year round) because there are always a new group of women who become engaged and are looking for wedding gowns.


Also look at that social proof on this campaign! Wow!! (While we didn’t launch this campaign for likes, comments and shares (our objective was to drive traffic to a landing page) Social Proof is always a nice perk to any campaign! ?)

Reactions = 344

Comments = 145

Shares = 56


Now What?

After you get a list of leads what do you do?

1. Contact Them (You Now Have Multiple Ways to Do So!)

Depending on the amount of information you gather – you can now reach out to your lead directly (think: email, text, phone call, direct mail). Vicki now had every woman’s email who was interested in finding the perfect wedding dress for their shape! This is a warm lead who A.) Watched her video and clicked the link  AND B.) Signed up to get emailed the guide. She now can reach out and continue the conversation.

How else can you reach out?

You now have three audiences built to retarget with on Facebook and can send specific content to:

-Video watchers

-Landing Page Hits

-Leads that Gave Their Info


What to send these audiences?

Vicki can create a retargeting video with a special offer to encourage brides-to-be to book an appointment. OR she can simply share more about LeAnn’s and what they stand for – building that relationship and offering another touch. There are infinite possibilities and content to create. A good rule of thumb to follow is — if you shoot a more product based video to retarget with a video directed at your brand messaging or based on story/emotions and vice versa.



2. Track The Results

Vicki can now open up the conversation with every bride that makes an appointment or messages her page and see where they came from. She can specifically ask: Did you find us on Facebook? Did you download our Body Shape Guide?

We like to physically track any campaign/Facebook/Instagram mentions as it helps confirm where the traffic is coming on and if our campaigns are working. 

Another important metric to track is cost per conversion. Once Vicki knows a bride has come to her through the Body Shape Guide it is important to track if that bride actually purchases a gown. She can keep the overall results of conversions and relate it to her ad spend and make sure she is coming out on top when it comes to expenses and profitability. The best part of a digital campaign strategy like this — it’s trackable! (And you know whether or not your efforts are producing results!)


3. Wow Your Customers

You might be thinking how does retention play into a bridal boutique… well actually it plays a HUGE role! A bride who feels cared for and has a fabulous experience will become a brand ambassador and share her experience with her bridesmaids, friends, social media and more. It’s important to Vicki have those follow up touches after the purchase to really WOW her brides. And a happy customer makes for a perfect testimonial — that you can gather and continually share with your audience too!


 Final Thoughts

Every business can replicate a campaign like this! It just starts with determining what expertise do you hold that you can share with the world? What unique perspective or helpful tips can you give (and it doesn’t have to be solely based on your product or service, but relates to it!)?

Lead generating campaigns continually fill the funnel and that’s where you and your sales team take over the conversation from there.


How can you apply these concepts to your business? Email me at to set up an initial meeting and see if this strategy is right for you and your business goals.