You already know it’s really important to gather client testimonials, right? But when it comes to actually taking action in the moment we totally forget or chicken out…


Yeah… I’ve been there too. But on the bright side, we can always grow and get better. So I challenge you (and myself) to truly take ownership of gathering client testimonials for our businesses.


Here are 3 Easy questions to ask your clients!

*Ask them in the moment right after they purchase and use your smartphone to record (it’s not rocket science!)

Expert Tip: Have them repeat the question then answer – you can always edit the video later.


Questions to Ask

  1. What brought you in here today?
  2. How did you hear about us?
  3. What did you enjoy most about hanging out with us today?
  4. Bonus: Ask them to expand or something they may have said while you were working with them

Here are some specific Ali J Testimonial Examples to show you the many ways you can gather testimonials!

Ali J General Shopper Testimonial! How Kristin found us.

We often get groups of women at the shop. Here’s how to get a multiple person testimonial.

How to be in Your Customer’s Testimonial.

A Creative Take on the Client Testimonial and the service offered.

A testimonial on our Ali J Boutique VIP Cardholder Service

Lori’s Experience with her Stylist Doris!

Fashion Show Testimonial: Why Should You Attend!

Event Testimonial: Crystal’s Experience with Ali J

Want our exclusive Testimonial Guide? (We actually only have shared this with our paying Rebel Clients) – but I’ll send it to you if you fill out the contact info below!

-Rachel, Rebel Account Manager

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