How Long Should My Facebook Videos Be?

Fun Fact: This is a frequently asked question we get at Rebel Marketing.


Now if you are asking this question it means you have started or are about to start the exhilarating dance of shooting videos for your business! You can do this.


It’s intimidating and scary to put yourself out there – but we want to assure you, you will survive. You originally started your business to serve others and this is one of the easiest ways to reach them and start building that trust.


Think about this — it’s not about you  — it’s about your customer. This actually helps make shooting videos a little less daunting!


But now to answer that initial question you had….

Here’s a rule of thumb (please keep in mind – successful video tactics change all the time. Something you do today, might not be the ticket in 6 months! That’s why it’s important to track your efforts and actually see what creates results)


Short Facebook Videos: Try to keep these under 30-60 seconds

Examples include videos that introduce an event you are hosting, promoting a Facebook live you are doing later in the week, or a surprise announcement on a new product or service.


*REMEMBER: You don’t have to share EVERY detail in your video. That’s where you can use ad copy to explain further or always link to more info by building out a landing page that a very interested party can click over to.


Mid-Length Facebook Videos: Try to keep these around 2-3 minutes

Story is everything in video! And telling a story gives captures a viewer’s attention more easily (why these videos can be a bit longer). Testimonials are great examples of this, especially if your customer is willing to share a bit more of their personal experience. (These videos are gold!!)


Educational videos are great for the two to three minute timeframe as well. Narrow in on how you can help your customers (not sell to them, but educate them on specific topic you are an expert in)


Longer Facebook Videos: 5-25 minutes

Facebook Live videos are ideal for the longer timeframes. This works well for new arrivals, product announcements, roundtable discussions or Q&A videos.


Like we said above — You can do this!. Through Rebel Marketing we have worked with over 25 Clients and we have truly seen first hand the change that happens when they dive into video and trust the process.


Ready to get started? Download our entire guide on How to Rock Video for Your Biz HERE.