I often hear from small biz owners “well of course video and social marketing works for women’s clothing- it’s so visual. It lends easily to video and photo, etc”.

I then ask them if they’ve considered what they are saying in light of the market I’m in. That usually gets them thinking…

See, clothing is a commodity. You can buy an outfit for far less at Walmart than Ali J Boutique. And still be clothed.

So is it about the style then? Maybe a bit. But fashionistas who are attracted to the latest style lack a characteristic of our most valuable customers: loyalty. They will buy once and be on their way.


So what is it then?? What creates the highest Lifetime Value Customers?

The experience of interacting with our BRAND (ours is the message of worthiness).

These customers have been with us for years…and will be for years to come.

I go even more in depth on this topic in the video below!

So, this begs a question… what’s your brand?

I want you to answer this question. Comment or message us to start the convo!

-Alison and the Rebel Marketing Team