For real, if your local news channel called and offered you a live segment on the news every week, would you turn it down? Most likely not.

The funny thing is, Businesses have this opportunity 24/7 to host a Live Video to their own Facebook feed to ALL of their fans and very few take advantage of it!

So why aren’t businesses taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to build trust, and create value with their current and future customers via Facebook Live?

They “Are Scared of being Live.”

They “Don’t like to be on Camera.”

They “Don’t know what to talk about.”

So I am here to give you three tips on doing FB Lives so you can start taking advantage of this amazing tool!

1. You Scared? Don’t be scared, dear. The beauty of Live is that it’s Live, so you can be yourself and don’t have to worry about any outtakes. People like real and like to see what is going on behind the scenes therefore nothing has to be perfect! So make it happen and be yourself!

2. Don’t like being on camera? News Flash. The only person who loved the camera was Marilyn Monroe. Everybody else is just like you. But this where you have a huge advantage! Nobody likes to be on video, so if you go Live, you not are only going to stand out, but you will also build trust with your audience, and all your competition will be sitting at home admiring how outgoing you are!

3. Don’t know what to talk about? An easy first Facebook Live is a tour of your business, give them a behind the scenes of your company. People love that, and it is an easy no pressure way to dive into Facebook Lives! After you get warmed up doing a Live; create another Live that features the most common questions people ask. This helps you builds trust and can debunk some common misconceptions about your business! Then after that start to brainstorm. List out all the things you would like to educate your current and future customers about that relate to your business and turn them into Facebook Lives!

You got this. I believe in you! It’s time to take advantage of this Free tool!



What if nobody is on Live?

That happens, and that is ok. People will watch it after you are Live. Make sure to save your Live video and post it in your newsfeed. Then share it on your personal page and that will help it get a better reach. You can always boost Facebook Lives too if you want more to see it — which is a strategy we use often.

How Long should it be?

Your Live should be at least 5 minutes long allowing people time to hop on and watch!


What other questions do you have about Facebook Lives? Comment your questions below.