How to Send an Engaging Email and Share Your Brand Message

Check out an Example we sent to our lead list at Ali J Boutique.


Subject Email: It’s Sowing Season…


I’m tired, y’all. Do you know what I mean? I’m in THAT season. Where I know, because I’ve been here before AND because my B-I-B-L-E tells me so, that when there is a lot of energy being put out, and a lot of tears shed, and a lot of brain cells stretched, that it is a time of growth.

But I can’t SEE it. Yet.

Can I be real? I’m not so good at this season. I get antsy. Sad. Bouts of high highs and low lows. Yes- I am prone to that even though on camera, on Facebook, etc. you see my bright eyes. I can turn it “on”- and I know most of you can too.


We do it for our kids, for our friends, and I know I also turn it “on” (push past the sad emotion and put on a forced happy countenance) because a lot of the time, it helps actually get me into a more positive mode.

But I can’t/won’t do it all the time.


I need rest.

You need rest.




I’m working on that one. I’m trying to make time for it and BE OKAY taking it. I am turning down more things and trying to BE OKAY with that. I’m a work in progress. I’m claiming that because “…He who began a good work in (me) will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Will you claim it with me? It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect. He is. We are all a tapestry, unique swirls and design on the outside, and swirls of knots, ties, and craziness on the inside.


But we are held.

And treasured.

And so very loved.


Big messy hugs coming atcha,



P.S. What’s a bible verse, quote, or phrase that helps you in the crazy times? I’d love to hear.

How Did We Measure the “Success” of this Email?

We got 12 women to respond to his email. And while that’s not direct sales, it is currency in the framework of follow up and building a personal relationship with our customers.